Somerville worked in collaboration with Capelo Design to create a stunning new concept for the Lunn’s boutique in Victoria Square, Belfast. This became a captivating joinery and fit-out project, encompassing many luxurious finishes.

Anegre dyed eucalyptus veneer was a prominent feature within the brief, which created a beautiful ‘chatoyance’ sheen. In woodworking, this unique appearance is a striking optical quality in which some areas of light and dark grain shift and change position, depending on the angle of view. Brushed brass detailing and solid stainless-steel trim offered a subtle contrast between the metals and the soft lustre from the dyed veneer.


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Victoria Square Belfast


Capelo Design

Joinery Details

The furniture created was complex in nature due to its design intricacies and the use of multiple materials including toughened glass, brushed stainless steel, brushed brass, delicate veneer, and leather. The large, curved consultation counter had numerous mechanical elements combined with weighted curved glass and curved brass detailing.

The stainless-steel legs provided a cable access route for specific lighting, keeping wires hidden and out of sight. Leather and suede inlays within the jewellery drawers provided a sumptuous finish to the furniture. The consultation desk was manufactured using the same materials as the counter but incorporated a leather and stone inlay with privacy ‘readed’ glass.

The central showpiece was positioned to draw customers to the four showcase counters. Like the consultation desk, this torus shaped jewellery display was designed and manufactured with multiple mechanical elements. Constructed with security glazing, soft closing drawers and an automatic locking system, this was a complicated but masterful piece of craftsmanship.

All great jewellery stores are furnished with a coffee or champagne bar so in Lunn’s case, they decided to have both. ‘The bar’ was designed to fit perfectly into the corner of the store, maximising space. It contained a mini fridge, wine cooler, coffee machine, concealed storage and a compact, pull-out, marble work surface. Design touches included an antique mirror, curved marquetry doors with brass inlays and marble surrounds.

The wall panelling and base cabinetry was introduced with the dyed veneer and brass frames. Wall Vitrine displays were set on a tabu veneer backboard with a Tektura wall finish encompassing by a brushed brass surround and stainless-steel door. The delivery and successful completion of this project was a triumph to all involved.

“Thank you all for you have done to not only deliver the Victoria Square refurbishment on time with all the challenges there were, but also with the tremendous quality and attention to detail that has been delivered. We’re incredibly pleased with the finished job and you all played a huge role in this.”

John Lunn, Managing Director, Lunn's
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