We all work together to produce beautiful spaces for our clients


Originally founded by Roy Somerville in 1970, Somerville now handles projects all around the world. However, we still retain a strong family ethos – the things we’ve achieved and the standard of our output come straight from our shared purpose and great team spirit.

Our Approach


We are committed to exceptional workmanship and to using our combined knowledge and skills to deliver results that pleasantly surprise our clients, each and every time.


We continually develop and refine methods of work, as well as investing in specialist machinery. It’s this that enables us to keep creating furniture and environments that break new ground and exceed expectations.


We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes to get a deep understanding of what they want their spaces to convey. For us, it’s never just a project; it’s the fulfilment of an aspiration.

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We set ourselves high standards in all that we do but it’s always nice to get the certificates to prove it.