In the ever-expanding world of office aesthetics, exposed ceilings are a feature that stand out for being sophisticated, contemporary, and creative. For companies who want a warm and open plan environment, this exposed design style is perfect for creating a cost-effective office solution.

Somerville Fit-Out has provided a variety of exposed ceiling designs across commercial, retail, and hospitality fit-out projects. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider exposed ceilings for your next fit-out project:

Aesthetic Appeal

The appeal of exposed ceiling lies in the ability to create an open plan and airy environment. Exposed ductwork and bare wooden beams offer a modern office aesthetic, while creating more space, and an inviting atmosphere for employees and clients.

Cost-Effective Solution

The exposed ceiling can also provide a clever, cost-effective solution to a new or revamped office environment. It offers a more stylish and unique workspace, and with reduced materials and labour, could cost less than traditional suspended ceiling. Somerville has delivered countless exposed ceiling designs into a range of fit-out projects, offering flexibility to suit style and budget requirements.

Flexibility for the Future

Exposed ceilings can provide a great deal of flexibility over suspended ceilings. With less dismantling necessary, therefore less disruption, it makes for modifications, if required or desired. Offering this kind of flexibility illustrates how exposed ceilings are a practical choice for the modern office.

Improved Acoustic Quality

With an open design scheme, it can reduce sound transmission offering a quieter and more focused workspace. Materials such as acoustic panels or baffles will absorb sound energy and stop it from bouncing around the room, providing your employees with a more conformable work environment.


Aside from the aesthetics, sustainability is another great opportunity when considering an exposed ceiling. Recycled materials such as metal or wood can show you’re an environmentally conscious company.

Whether its a complex design or a more simplistic option, we will work with you to create a fit-out solution that suits you and your business.

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