We’ve created our fair share of boardrooms fit-outs over the years. But, even with the new ‘agile’ way of working, the boardroom is still a crucial element to a commercial office space.

The boardroom is an essential space within any company. It can facilitate many uses including formal and informal meetings, client presentations, staff training and group conference calls. To cater for these different uses, it is important to consider a number of elements early on, before the interior fit-out is carried out. Think about the following factors when investing in your boardroom:


Your boardroom should be a calm, quiet space - without any distractions. Having this meeting room in a quiet part of the building is useful but if it isn’t possible, installing adequate soundproofing, such as acoustic wall panels will help soften any noise. Not only do these fabric wall panels improve the sound quality, but they can also add an attractive aesthetic to the room. Somerville have delivered numerous fit-out project including acoustic wall and ceiling panels to provide a noise cancelling solution, whether it’s been a large boardroom or smaller meeting rooms/pods.

Good Lighting

Lighting is a fundamental factor when considering the design of your boardroom. This includes both natural light from windows and doors, but also the type of lighting scheme introduced to the room. If you don’t have direct access to natural daylight, glazed screens, windows, and doors will help provide better lighting. LED lighting is a great option for your boardroom as it offers a less artificial source of light and provides a more energy efficient solution.

Comfortable and Flexible Furniture

It’s important to have comfortable, ergonomic furniture in your boardroom, especially if people are going to be seated for a long period of time. Think about the height of your table, chairs with back support and armrests and whether they should they be swivel or static. If you have a large boardroom, you will have more flexibility to change the configuration of the space, depending on the type of meeting you are having or how many people are attending. You will see in the example office fitouts the tables and chairs selected all have ergonomic qualities designed to benefit the user.

Spacious and Tidy

Make sure your boardroom is fit for purpose. If you only have a small room, use appropriate furniture, and don’t try to squeeze lots of people into the room. If you’re lucky enough to have large space, utilise it wisely with a good-sized table and comfortable, ergonomic matching chairs. Don’t be tempted to use your boardroom as a storage room when it’s not in use. This just creates clutter and gives off the wrong impression to your staff and clients.

Colour Palette

Selecting colours for your boardroom is something to consider carefully. While darker colours can offer a dramatic and impactful look - they won’t necessarily provide an uplifting or positive feeling in the room, especially if you don’t have much natural daylight. Keeping the room light, bright and airy by using neutral colours is always best for a productive meeting. Inject some colour into the room to create interest such as green (which can reduce stress) or blue (to energise). If you don’t want the commitment of painting the walls, use though artwork and real or faux plants and shrubbery.

Consider you clients

Whether you’re bringing existing or potentially new clients into your offices, you’re likely to bring them into your boardroom – so for this reason, ensures it’s clean and tidy. Ultimately, the boardroom is at the heart of your business. It represents your brand, your company values and everything you stand for so ensure you’re proud of how it looks.

Take a look at a few of our favourite boardrooms that we've been involved in as part of a wider interior fit-out project.

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